Michael Grimm *Epic CD – You Don’t Know Me*

Audio track is from Michael Grimm's self titled Epic CD

20 Replies to “Michael Grimm *Epic CD – You Don’t Know Me*”

  1. Al Huggins

    one of the best covers ever done, but done this man’s way. hard to reach this deep a soul…..can relate to the same sentiment…you don’t know me!!!

  2. Kay Van Kampen

    Best new talent this country has and he’s not a super star.  Hope the music industry realizes what they’re missing so we can continue to enjoy him.

  3. Carmen Pina

    Oh My God…I hope Michael Grimm becomes an international star, he deserves it. I haven’t heard a voice this beautiful since Johnny Lang.

  4. James Michael

    Brilliant voice, but once he starts flashing the satanic symbols, you will know he has made it. If not, he has stayed true to himself, and will not be a huge star.

  5. Jeff Davidson

    I never thought I would hear a version of this song that would come close to Ray Charles’ version but, in my opinion, this is as good. Awesome cover, well done Michael.

  6. TommyVT28

    He had done a gig at a Hotel in Memphis where we had a Class Reunion and he knew the people that had it I had the chance to meet him he is one of the MOST polite nicest person you will ever meet he came by and did a short gig for us i’m a BIG soul lover and he is the best at it that I have ran into I wish him all the very best.

  7. Melissa Robbins

    Omg the best soulful voice since Ray Charles. He needs to go global. I will buy everything you sing Michael. Your sexy and a sexy voice. Love ya.

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