Michael Grimm & McKenna Medley perform “You Dont Know Me”

Michael Grimm, acclaimed singer songwriter, and McKenna Medley, voted Female Vocalist of the Year, sing the duet "You Don't Know Me'" from the DVD/BluRay release of "Bill Medley Live in Concert at the Starlite Theatre," Directed by Jason Arend, featuring Grammy Award Winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers, Female Vocalist of the Year McKenna Medley, Michael Grimm, Tim Lee, Gabe Rabben, Bob Gulley and Larry Hanson.

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24 Replies to “Michael Grimm & McKenna Medley perform “You Dont Know Me””

  1. Gord Merritt

    She has a great voice… but as soon as Micheal opens his mouth she doesn’t stand a chance with this song…  when he sing this song I feel the longing, I feel the need… I feel the pain… with her I hear a nice rendition of a great song… Michael tears my heart up when he sings this alone but when tries to harmonize with her, he loses his edge…… my opinion…

    • Lyricist1anda2

      I agree, McKenna’s voice is great and I love this treatment of the song, well done,but somehow Michael had the emotion in it, and I do feel he let up a bit but it’s a great stretch for him. Everytime I listen to him it’s evolving… love his Hotel California.

    • Gionn Caomhin Morpheagh

      Your man Gord Merritt there absolutely nailed what I found somehow “wrong” about this version. The way Michael Grimm sings the song alone comes a very, very close second to the master Ray Charles himself.

      Covering songs (especially songs by quite unique artists) is always a bit of a problem for singers, but I truly believe that “The Man” Ray would’ve wholly approved of Michael Grimm’s version of his evergreen.


  2. Gord Merritt

    Michael doesn’t sing this song… he bleeds it… just sayin…god bless you MG… you are truly gifted… thanks for sharing your gift with me.

  3. Salena Slayer

    These two have unbelievable chemistry. I felt the sparks fly! Dam! I loved it, loved it! I want this song! They are fantastic! More please!

  4. Sandra Ellis

    He can’t be beat in my book. I’ve heard the best but he the bestest.
    I remember Sharon Osborne asking him to take his hat off. I said and Nick cannon “” That guy is star material or something like that and was Nick ever !!!

  5. Eddie Haskel

    He sings a Ray Charles song not only perfect, and would make Ray Charles proud, but he show’s the quality of choosing such a great singer song writer as Mr. Charles. He has the blues running in his veins……Mississippi and the Delta Blues baby…your a good man michael grimm. You not only have soul, you have a good heart…

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