Michael Grimm opening for Heart 7/10/09

Michael Grimm opening for Heart on 7/10/09
isnt his voice amazing
I know its only a bit but people kept walkin in front of me
thanks for watching

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  1. Kevin Mocker

    @bigbird4041 I don’t think he HAS to go on, but its an easy path to fame and a good shot at a million bucks, I like to hear him do NY state of mind or Stilletto.

  2. ByteBro

    I always loved Michael Bolton. I need to start there as a backdrop to the following. I wish Grimm would cover some of Bolton’s songs, because for as good as I think Bolton was with his voice, Grimm is THAT much better! Songs like When a Man Love a Woman, would be insane to hear Grimm perform!

  3. Alaitain

    he shouldnt even be in americas got talent. because he is already a person who has been many differerent places and opened for other bands and groups.. hes good.

  4. sweetpea027

    @sorter30 Thanks for this great info. I never heard of him until the night before he won , I was changing channels ,heard Michael , stopped & had to listen . I knew than he was a star . The second night same thing & watched.
    I said, he is the winner 🙂 Sp proud of him & his struggle to get where he is. I am from Miss. 3 hrs. from New Orleans ,we were without cool air , ice, no entery, trees down all around us . I was bless to have a hm.

  5. Michael

    Kinda funny. Nobody seems to be paying any attention to him. Must really be tough to pay your dues in the music biz. If they only knew they were in the presence of a future superstar.

  6. JackieFan123

    @1WolfLadie not me amigo……….I’ve heard the Angel sing, and he’s far from what I would “crave” to listen to……..yawn.

  7. doogleandalix


    Pet peeve of mine too – if I hear someone sing like that , I keep My mouth shut and listen in awe, with respect, as it should be . I can remember hearing a piano player named Roy Richards in a small bar on Cape Cod, circa 1977 . My mouth hung open -he was so damn good there was no way he should have been at a little hole in the wall . Others were talking and laughing – ticked me off ! I never forgot the name, never heard any piano as good .

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