Michael Grimm Sings Al Green – Let’s Stay Together’ America’s Got Talent

Michael Grimm Ellen Degeneres Show 2010 America's Got Talent Winner Michael Grimm Sing Al Green – Let's Stay Together

20 Replies to “Michael Grimm Sings Al Green – Let’s Stay Together’ America’s Got Talent”

  1. christine Boutin-Davio

    brings a chill to me every time I listen to that great voice .God bless .Don’t stop singing

  2. Robert Wallace

    One of the great singers in our lifetime passed away, Whitney. Now we have to welcome another as we will always do!!

  3. djjerome

    nothing like some good old-fashioned B.E.S. (blue-eyed soul). at least someone is still singing this music and keeping it alive. most people out there don’t have a clue about the music that this guy is singing. soul music is dead. hip-hop and pop reign supreme.

  4. Eileen Bento

    He has such talent and I knew from day one he was going to win…His humbleness, his love for his grandparents…Not to mention his awesome soul/blues voice….Such a Beautiful man..

  5. shihtzu81

    Michael Grimm- you rocked this song- America fell in love with you on your first audition day. You have a voice that hits one’s heart and soul. Always a fan.

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