Michael Grimm WINS America’s Got Talent Season 5

Michael Grimm wins America's Got Talent Season 5, beating out amazingly talented Jackie Evancho.

September 15, 2010

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29 Replies to “Michael Grimm WINS America’s Got Talent Season 5”

  1. Neptoony

    Everyone knew Jackie Evancho would be JUST FINE, with a huge career. A headline Las Vegas act? He definitely was the right choice. He seemed to be very concerned that she was ok, too, which was touching.

  2. Daygojit !

    what would jackie do with a million dollars? use common sense, she’s a middleclass american with a great family and probably got everything she ever wanted. Grims on the other hand struggled all his life, the dude did it for his grandparents man. and talking about this, Grim was better anyway, the dude has a voice of a god.

    • john sorenson

      They both have incredible voices, but it’s not it’s not range, pitch, style/ genre or gender that really decide the vote…not in this particular contest- it’s marketability in the music business of today…Now. So put yourselves for a second in the mind of a music mogol and ask yourself:
      ..”Who can i exploit more …and quickest? Jackie will be probably be even bigger than grimm in a couple of years…but really- who would not let the 10yr old finish being a kid, knowing that when she reaches her rebellious stage in a cpl yrs, she is going to think she knows everything and her parents are stupid and she’ll just do what she wants and see who she wants regardless of what her parents say…lol…THEN let her go to Vegas!

  3. Zions_Own

    I didn’t know Michael’s “story” that some imbeciles have said that’s why he won. This man can sing and touches one deep within. You feel his passion and his voice is incredible. Jackie is great too but different genres and styles don’t supersede one another. Give respect. where it’s due whether you agree with it or not.

    • lissalives Smoot

      In case some of you are wondering what Howie said to Sharon and Piers, he said, “They chose the right one.” ♥️

    • Michael Martin

      He does have a great voice no douth, however watch each one of his performances he has a poor me my life has always been a struggle pity story. It got old. Like saying everyone vote for poor me.

  4. Vicki Cole

    You can tell from Michael’s face – especially that little head nod just before the announcement – that he was preparing to be a gracious loser and he was sure Jackie was going to win. He truly was stunned when his name was called!

  5. Sainty

    Stay humble and God will continue showers u with all that blessings…and so for your grandparents shall be blessed too.

    May God be with u, Michael

  6. Fleur de Lys Anatra

    His reaction is priceless and the way he hug the little girl and ask her if she is ok just reassure me his golden heart wow

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