Stevie Ray Vaughan – Crossfire

Music video by Stevie Ray Vaughan performing Crossfire. (C) 1989 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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  1. John Nathan CO

    I worked on props for this video.  Old hotel (name escapes me) on Franklin in Hollywood.  Stevie was a gracious guy, we chatted about amps, I strummed his famous guitar while it sat in its case in the basement, quite a thrill.  His bandmates were good dudes as well, band/crew lunch up on the roof as I recall, Stevie hatless and comfortable with his baldness!  Zero star trip. Incredibly sad day when he left us, rock on forever SRV!

  2. James Bowman

    SRV, the Texan Mozart of guitar, the man who dresses like a pimp but is not really a pimp, the Zorro of blues, the guy who always wears a very appealing hat that is unique to him and him only; i.e. if you try to wear it you’ll just look stupid.

    • c0wb0y41

      That is because you aren’t supposed to use headphones. You are supposed to lay a pillow on the floor, place speakers facing towards center of pillow at approximately 18 inches from center , turn volume to 1 Db under your speakers distortion level, then lay your head on a little bit of heaven for 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

    • Tom Johnson

      Simon Birk , just as long you know, that it’s not a game, believe upon Jesus, the way truth and light. John 14:6.
      He will deliver you from the crossfire, peace

  3. Cheryl Ewart

    In 1980 when my husband and I were dating we went to Charlotte NC (30 miles from us) to see a movie. We had some time to kill so we went to a local record store. A man walked past us and my man’s jaw dropped. After the man left the building he stopped and whispered, “Don’t you know who that was?!!?”
    I told him no and his eyes got huge and he had that WTF look on his face. It was none other than Stevie Ray. Shame on me.

    • david friesen

      I never seen srv, but I seen his brother Jimmy twice in a small venue, in canada. I asked J if he would mind signing my SRV Strat, his reply “I’ll sign anything you want” and the guy behind me had his Bar fridge Door from his Man-Cave . 2nd time I got him to sign my tele. In that venue, it held 100 people and if you got there first, your knees were touching jimmy’s mike stand, and that’s like 2014 SWEET!!

    • oiyabastard

      +vehlajatt22 yeah most people song but didn’t even recognize who he was as he was The Soloist and David Bowie’s video and that was like 83 anyway shame shame shame that this guy died

    • timeisnow316

      far below the moronic levels or sub moronic sugar infected brains of a typical new generation who also watch dumb so called talent shows that are pumped up nonsense(_s) super hyped fake ratings. Even PBS had unbelievable “musicians”,,,, NO TALENT (Young) MUSICIANS who can NOT SING NOR WRITE. Oh PLEASSSSEEEE…Bring back The Beatles and the Stones and the Kinks and the Doobies and Chicago and JMHendricks and DBowie,,,,,And so that’s why we listened to REAL GOOD MUSIC & MUSICIANS! Well I write good and mine will be in Youtube soon.

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