Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Cold Shot (Video)

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Once was a sweet thing, baby
Held that love in our hands
But now I reach to kiss your lips
It just don't mean a thing

And that's a cold shot, baby
Yeah that's a drag
A cold shot, babe
I've let our love go bad

67 Replies to “Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Cold Shot (Video)”

  1. Matthew Stephens

    Stevie’s face at the end reminds me of Mike Myers in Wayne’s World. ‘Zang!’ 🙂

    This whole video is like Wayne’s World meets The League Of Gentlemen. I love it.

  2. honour123

    “You’re always pickin’ and tunin’ on that guitar! Why don’t you do some pickin’ and tunin’ on me!” Now that’s a Cold Shot baby.

  3. John Connors 111

    I worked at Mars Music in Dallas and SRV had just died. My buddy Chris in the warehouse said Jack you like blues would you like to see SRV’s Guitar. I said sure. I opened the case and it was this Hamilton strat that was in this video. I took it out of the case and played it for 15 minutes. Respectfully wiped it down . closed the case and the next day it was shipped to Billy Gibbons in Houston. For years I wondered about that guitar until I saw this video. I was like Man! That was the guitar I Played. RIP SRV. Peace Truth.and Love Jc

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