Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life Without You

SRV American Caravan – Life Without You

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  1. KokopelliSG

    “And the guy that’s down there on the ground and needs some help, you don’t walk up and kick him. If you’re gonna do that you better wear his shoes for a while. Cause you know what? Trade places with him and he’ll pick you up. It’s the truth”
    -Stevie Ray Vaughan

  2. laurie King

    5:29 ” ya know there’s a lot of Love that goes on but we don’t think about it until we need it more than ever, cause it’s gone… It’s up to us to carry on a few new rules. like if we go on through our lives taking from each other,,, You can bet your life we are gonna give it all up in the end…But if you go through your life giving all the time, all you have,, You already had it , you gave it, you never had a problem. And the guy that’s there on the ground and needs some help,,, You don’t walk up and kick Him. if your gonna do that, You better wear his shoes for a while … cause you know what, trade places with him he’ll pick you up. It’s the truth,

    You better pass around as much Love as you can in your lifetime. that’s all we really have to give or accept….Are You with Me. -‘ Stevie Ray Vaughan

  3. Lorraine Ashby

    Stevie wrote this beautiful piece after the loss of a friend – Stevie Ray Vaughan was a huge talent but more than that he was an incredible human being……….

  4. Xaay Kung

    I played this at my husbands funeral. We were married for 22 yrs. but I knew him for most of our lives. Our motto was All You Need is Love. Thank you SRV for bringing my thoughts and soul back from the abyss. Maybe you ran into my hubby in the there after. Again thanks you most beautiful of human beings.

  5. logan wright

    lost my mom 4 years ago to a brain aneurism. i was 16 an 20 now, she died 3 weeks after i turned 16. i helped carry her out an put her where she rests now. i broke down when i heard the song. about in tears as i type this but this guy was a true artist. RIP Mom an Stevie. hope to see you again mom an to finally meet you Stevie, aye maybe we can jam an talk.

    • Debbie G

      +logan wright KI lost my only sister, my mom,my dad and all the musicians that dies 45 years ago.Maybe we will see Stevie and all the people we love. I believe in life after death. I do not believe that you die and that is the end, Maybe life begins after you die and are reunited with the Higher Power which will lead us to those we have lost, love and miss.

  6. trayse_jordan

    lost my older brother to suicide in 2014, tough loss considering I found him that way. but in the house he had Stevie playing live at montreux on loop. this song brings back good memories…rip Ryan and stevie, maybe when I get to the other side I can see you two. jam on stevie

  7. Don Miller

    “Life Without You” was a song Stevie wrote after the untimely death of his great friend and mentor Charley Wirz. the song shows his love for Charley and how much he truly missed him. The White Stratocaster Vaughan played that was fitted with Danelectro Lipstick Tube Pickups was made by Wirz with the help of Stevie’s Guitar Tech Rene Martinez.

    • Talkin Bout Nawlins

      +Adrian Avila ok but if you scroll up to yur post from 6 months ago you even say Rene was Stevies only tech which is not true either.Zack was Stevies tech for years.Zack is the one who got Stevie to try a left handed whammy bar because Stevie was going on the road and Zack didnt have a right hander in stock.He installed the lefty and the rest is history.

    • Talkin Bout Nawlins

      +HalfOgre Those guys are gearing up for a couple of months tour out of the country then a tour back here during the summer.Rene doesnt have time to be

  8. Brenda Morris

    My husband loved, Stevie Ray Vaughan! He see him many times, and loved everything he done! My husbad passed on July 2nd. 2015… So… this song, means so much, to me! ” Life Without You “…Thank you, ” SRV”… I Hope ,he is listening to you play, in Heaven… <3 <3

    • Jeff Dejean

      This version is so fucking potent. We all need to pay attention and go on with our lives viewing things from a non duality perspective and realize that we are SRV and that it matters not from whence we came, it only matters where we are going. I shed a tear every time I hear this song. I am you and you are me, accept this and pass GO.

    • Semtex Sam

      Brenda Morris. sorry for your loss. Death is not the end he has only passed into the next room and put your faith in Christ and you shall see him again GOD WILLING and in the meantime he left you with many great memories Stevie Ray Vaughan being one of them so reflect on the great years you had together. I lost my best friend 10 years ago if I think about her I will cry my eyes out uncontrollably. if I remember the good times and the laughs it makes it easier. I pray for you and wish you a happy and successful life IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  9. Jay 1Deep

    Stevie your music still impacts people’s lives. Best guitar player. This song touches my soul. God I wish I was the age I am now when you were alive to see you in person.

  10. OneStauffder Sirynch

    This is one of those music pieces about grief which can always get to me, make me cry, just by remembering some people dearly missed. Like Stevie Ray Vaughan, for example..

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