Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas Flood (from Live at the El Mocambo)

Music video by Stevie Ray Vaughan performing Texas Flood. © 1991 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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  1. Rick McCargar

    Stevie Ray played devastating and brutal blues. No one like him before nor since. Today, August 27th 2018 is the anniversary of his death in 1990. Man I wish I he could have lived to enjoy more of the clean living he worked so hard to win.

    • thewhiteelephant

      Charlie Brown you mean from Albert King, Buddy Guy, et al. Relax, they all did it. Stevie would’ve been the first to tell you.

    • Tom Hutchison

      Yup, at least. He’s the reason I didn’t give up playing guitar years ago. I have huge hands and was struggling playing basic chords because of my huge meat paws, and was always muting other strings out by accident. Starting to study lead playing, and learned some of his techniques where he’s actually aggressively hitting all the strings and purposely muting all the strings out except one. His right hand can be so aggressive with the pick because his left hand is so spot on with its muting and fretting. He’s from a different planet.

  2. John gatti

    I was there. Everyone’s jaw was on the floor. i thought we were going to see David Bowie’s guitar player. Then this. Toronto’s El Mo was never the same.

    • Rodney Gaskins

      I can’t imagine how good it would feel just wanting to all of a sudden want to play behind your back I say yeah killer performance glad I got to see it seems to me it would be like seeing someone smash a guitar or something I’d relish that 😉

  3. mindeloman

    Pianists still study Chopin’s work with amazement and wonder, 170 years after his death. I’ve no doubt in 2090, guitarists will still study SRV’s work with amazement and wonder.

    • Josh Muz

      I guarantee by that time all instruments will be wind based once frequency spectrums and tonal manipulation studies have developed. String instruments will be a quirky side interest

    • btm wtfb

      +Josh Muz Not going to happen. Unless the human ear evolves and the human attraction evolves in 170 years (lol) people will still play guitar

  4. J V

    This entire concert should be preserved as a milestone of the human race for future creatures to understand us, and what our souls are capable of.

    • Gregory 2Brown

      It’s prolly in the Library of congress. Ha imagine a future human race beyond music, labor, etc. Stumbling on it, sitting down and wax up,

  5. Rafael Henck

    Still wondering how can someone be such a beast playing guitar without a single misnote. That’s why you can’t cover SRV nor even slightly imitate him. It’s by far the most complex guitar playing I’ve ever seen with its brutal feeling and unparalleled technique.

    • Mike Senart

      🤯 Did you see 6:47…..he adjusted his guitar to without missing a note DAMN….This guy was a guitar GOD for real!!!

    • Kevin Collins

      Rafael Henck want to know how good SRV was???? There is a video of him I think on Austin City Limits, he broke a string in the middles a song, changed guitars mid song and didn’t miss a note. That is how good SRV was .

  6. alan anderson

    He Didn’t Just Play The Guitar…..He Was The Guitar…….He Turned It Into Water…….And Rained It Down Over Us All….S.R.V…The Best.

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